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Good Dog Certified

Standards and Screening

We know that a dog is much more than a dog — they’re a member of the family and a best friend for life. When the source of your new best friend has such a big impact on their health, behavior, and well-being, finding the right one should not be left to chance.

That’s why we’re making it easy to connect with responsible, good breeders who have your and your new dog’s best interests at heart, so your pup has the best chance at a healthy and happy life.


"Raising the standards – from Good to Great to Excellent"

Our health testing approach awards breeders three badges of recognition: Good, Great, and Excellent. These recognitions provide education, guidance, and incentive for breeders to improve their health testing practices. We hope that by awarding these badges and shining a light on best-in-class programs like Saltair Aussies, we can work to increase the standards overall in the dog world.

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