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Our Story

A Family-Owned Kennel

We have been raising pups from whelping box to their new homes since 2000. When we started raising Aussies in 2016, we knew we wanted a loyal companion that enjoys working, whether it is learning and practicing tricks, competing in dog agility, or engaging in any other physically and mentally involving activity. Our first combined litter was whelped in 2018 and we have had great success at raising quality pets and working animals.

Our merger of our sister kennels will continue to please our current and future clients. By joining forces we increase our quality of assets. Both kennels have worked together frequently and have created lifelong friends in the process. We hold similar values in doing business and emphasize the importance of producing an excellent job.


It is with great pleasure that we continue to work together to create an Aussie that families can raise in their homes. Those of us who love Aussies can’t imagine a more perfect breed of dog. These special dogs deserve special owners who will give time and commitment. As our kennels merge, we promise to commit to the breed standard by raising Aussies with all-purpose potential.


With much love and appreciation, we thank you for your support.


Trey & Genesis Jensen

Akza & Derek Munsey


About Us

The first Aussie to join the Munsey household was Apollo - a black (blue) merle male. We decided to add another Aussie, Crimson - a brown (red) tri female a year later. We knew we wanted an active dog, a companion that had all-purpose potential that could keep up with our lifestyle. We love the outdoors - hiking, running, camping, and swimming around the mountains. Akza, Derek, and Cainan currently live in Sandy, Utah along with Niki and our Cavapoo mascot, Bama.

The first Aussie to join the Jensen household was Molly - a brown (red) tri female before Eli, son of Genesis and Trey, was born. After raising Molly along with a new baby, we introduced Kenji a brown (red) merle male. The Jensen's are outdoor lovers as well, from camping and swimming, our dogs fit perfectly with our hobbies. Kenji also performs tasks as a service dog to handler, Genesis.

The Jensen's currently live in Hurricane, Utah with Bailey from Apollo x Molly's October 2018 Litter.

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